Friday, August 23, 2013

My daughter

How did I get so lucky? Every time I look at her I can't believe how beautiful, calm, and intelligent, and she is only a little more than a week old. If I hadn't been there and watched her come into the world, I don't think I could believe she was mine. My first  thought when she was born was "that's a lot of hair" followed by, "her eyes are beautiful, is she really mine?" I didn't sleep for three days after she was born because I was scared if I let her out of my sight I might lose her or I was only dreaming and I would wake up and she didn't really exist because she was too good to be true. I love her, so much I never thought I could love some one this much.
I love her father more and more especially when I see him with her and how much she loves him. She saves her biggest smiles for when Daddy comes home and snuggles her. She looks at me with his eyes, kicks with my feet, has my hair color,  has his ears. I am in awe of how much I love my family and how much they love me.

Making my own laundry soap, plus a bunch of ramblely stuff trying to catch the blog up since I have last written.

So, I recently became a mom on August 14th.
Oh, yeah by the way, I got married last year in April to an awesome guy named Shaun.
Anyways, ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been looking at ways to save money since children are by no means a cheap endeavor.
I tried coupon clipping which doesn't work for me because of how time consuming it is and in reality I have a hard  time organizing that kind of set up in my brain, I am very dyslexic so I tend to shy away from systems   involving more then one variable. Also, being married is very different from being single. In my case I married a picky person. We tried not using "our" brand of stuff and the next thing I knew my husband would come home with grocery bags with his brand of what ever off brand I had purchased. So I learned what I could and could not switch (any of his grooming products) because he would go out and buy them anyway. 
I decided to start making my own cleaning products last month when my husband, trying to be helpful because of my super pregnant state, had decided to be super awesome and clean my bathroom. The problem with that was that the blue toilet bowl cleaner was not rinsed off before being put away, which in his defense he didn't know he was supposed to do, and it stained the white paint  of the cabinet it was put in (Goodbye security deposit).
This incident started me thinking. Here I was about a month away from popping a tiny human out and I had a house full of chemicals, a tight budget and I procrastinate like a champ, so I was fairly certain baby proofing would happen sometime around the baby's 18th birthday. So I turned to my good friend Google and I looked up my various household cleaners and found safe, easy, cheap to make recipes for everything I use.
Today I made laundry soap with the help of my mom. Here is the recipe we used.
1 bar of soap (You can use any soap you desire but I used ivory and I will tell you more about why later.)
1 cup of Borax 20 mule team
1 cup of Arm and hammer washing soda
I chose to make a dry version because it is easier for me to store and make. There are liquid versions available if you prefer.
The first step and I guess that hardest step is getting the soap to a  flake-like consistency. The first way is to use a cheese grater and grate the soap. That didn't really appeal to me because I didn't want to cover my cheese grater in soap and I am kind of lazy, when it comes to cheese graters. The second way I found works best with ivory soap and it is really fun. I found it on YouTube and it made this process super fun and easy.
So what I did was I obtained  a new bar of ivory soap and got out my cutting board and a knife.
Then I chopped it up until I had pieces that looked like this:
Then I placed the soap in a large microwavable safe bowl and microwaved it for 80 seconds.
It comes out of the microwave looking like this:
Then you break it up until it looks like this:
And you add your other ingredients.
I recommend putting it in a container with a lid and shaking it to make sure it is all mixed pretty evenly. Then to use it you just use one to two table spoons depending on your cleansing needs. 
This is a very cost effective way of getting your laundry done. All the ingredients cost about 12 dollars and come in a volume large enough to make about eight batches. this compared to the 12 dollars a bottle I was spending on tide makes it worth it in my book.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I am trying to be all responsible.

Why yes, I have lived in Idaho for two weeks and technically haven't finished setting up my room. hehehe.....(it is also so dirty you could be breeding some terrible type of bacteria.) 

I also have homework that should get done and a bathroom that I should prolly take care of too. Good thing the day is young.

I need a desk or possibly a card table. Sharing a desk with Steph doesn't really work cause it gets "organized" and my nerves can't handle that.

I have been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately. I am now on season five and I feel like I have reached my limit. 

I should go and be all responsible and all that jazz.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Zombies seem to be a large part of my life lately.

       About two months ago I watched 28 Days Later. It was a great movie that made me laugh, cry, jump/scold the characters in the movie for being stupid(or too loud). It was a pretty good experience. Through the course of this movie though I noticed the  drink that was displayed prominently was a Pepsi. When I pointed this out the friend of my brother was like "It's there because it is so good. So you all better prepare and start to like it."

      I am aware that Pepsi's position in this film was most likely just a product placement. There is another explanation  that I think is far more likely.  That Pepsi wasn't a very well liked beverage which would cause it to be one of the last soft drink in the world. More demand for something the less you are going to have of it. Less demand more of it you are stuck with. .

       This makes the most sense to me because I have never really been a fan of Pepsi. When I was a little kid I wasn't allowed to have caffeinated beverages of any kind. So when I finally did try soda that contained caffeine I went for what I had seen advertised the most. Pepsi, Dr Pepper, and Mountain Dew. I didn't mind the taste of Mountain Dew, but I didn't understand why it was so good it just made me really thirsty after drinking it which has turned me off of the drink because that seems a really counter productive.(Mountain dew gave me a new found love for Sprite). Pepsi just tasted harsh to me like medicine or something. So I am not the biggest fan of it. I have nothing against it, besides it's taste, which explains to me why there was so much of it in 28 Days Later, no one wanted to drink it.

        I feel confident in my ability to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Why? I have read several survival type things on how to survive zombie attacks and watched a ton ton of zombie movies. So I am confident I can survive in most types of zombie apocalypses. Provided I am not already dead or one of the initial infected.

       My confidence in my ability to survive has lead my friends to make jokes like "If  I don't get some sleep I am going to have to eat your brains." And me to say things like "Psh, I would be forced to kill you before it ever got to that point."

       Honestly though, I would have no qualms with killing friends and family if they were infected or turned in to zombies. Why? I understand that it is not actually my friend/family member I am actually killing just a mindless eating machine  that has a taste for my gray matter. I would do my best to avoid a situation where this would be necessary. It wouldn't be pleasant.(Well, some people I know I wouldn't mind taking out their zombie form if need be :] )

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I may be a psychic.

Weirdness.... I went to bed around 8ish and then I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep and the minute I sat up and was like "Ok, I guess I am not sleeping." My phone rang and it was my parents and I got a text too. It is just strange...
Once I got over this I decided the logical thing to do would be to to make rice crispy treats. I found out they aren't as easy to make as they appear, because they do in fact burn. I will still eat them anyway. A little charcoal never hurt anyone...
Right now it is about 12:40ish and I am fighting the urge to go for a run. The idea of running at night really appeals to me. I am not a huge fan of people watching me run and I feel like the darkness shields me from the judgment of others.
Don't worry, I wont actually go running at night. There are to many risks to deal with, like cars, and creepers. Just to name a few. It is also twenty-three degrees outside. I have a hard enough time with the cold.
I used to refuse to run in the cold when I was a kid. Why? I heard a story of a man dying because his lungs froze because he went for a jog in the cold. So every game of tag I played back then I would give up when I started to have that burning feeling in my throat. My fear made me a failure. Since then my only reservations to running in the cold is just that it's cold. 

They invented treadmills for a reason.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I hate Zombies.... Opinion of Fable three

       I have spent the majority of the day killing zombies. It was not an ideal way to spend the day. After about my third horde of zombies I was bored and that was only thirty minutes into the game. I played from noon till two in the morning(that's fourteen hours). I probably would not have found it so boring if I was playing a game where your primary objective is too kill zombies, but when you are playing an rpg with a plethora of other creatures you think after fourteen hours of playing time you would have a pretty equal number of kills for most of the different monsters. I am not saying I don't like the game. I do like it, I just have a  lot of problems with it. I woulds elaborate more tonight about it but I have been playing a video game  for fourteen hours. I will make a list at a later date.

      Right now I am going to sleep and hopefully it will be a  dream about the creators of this game redoing  their original game(the first one in this game's saga or whatever you call it). Only making it longer(lost chapters doesn't count It only added like two hours to the game play time). That would be a good dream.

Update: I beat the game. It left me saying "are you serious? That's it?"  I would be willing to let this slide  but this is the third time this has happened with this game series. The first game was great. It only had two major problems that bothered me 1. It was too easy to level up ( I felt like it was way to quick) 2. It needed to be twice as long as it was.

       The second game, where to begin. First, I felt like they tried to take the game in a different direction, but they just added more problems and and kept my two major problems with the game there. They changed the  combat. I realize new system new style but to be honest I kinda felt that it made the fighting in the game too simple. I was bored. Secondly I felt like they tried to copy the first story but add their own little twists. You may not see anything wrong with that but for me who has seen my fair share of crappy sequels that have done just that, it is tortuous. I see nothing wrong with continuing a story but when you clone it all you do it destroy the integrity of something that was originally good.

        The third game. I had high hopes that this game would be as good as the first, because I hated the second so much. I was not entirely disappointed. I was a little annoyed at how the hero of this story is supposed to be the daughter or son of the late king. Who happened to be the hero from the last game. I have a problem with this because I am a girl and I play a girl. I played a girl in the second  and the third. So why am I the spawn of a hero king? I realize this is just because I am anal-retentive so I was willing to over look this. Then I realized that combat was even more simple and dull than the last game, and it had the same flaws as the first one on top of all of that.when I beat the game (main storyline/darkness) I told my friends I finished it and they even said "already?" Yeah I know there is still stuff I can do I am just like whats the point they are basically just miniquest type things. It is not like they are combining together to help me reach some objective that doesn't take me ten minutes to complete. Collecting guild seals? Really? Lame. At least it was better than the second one. I may have had a lot of problems and not been as satisfied with this game as I wished I would've been I still had fun despite killing 567 hallowmen compared to its runner up of 163 mercenaries.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today was a really good day.(by today I mean yesterday)

My sister bought a white board that is propped up against the wall filled with her story ideas. Today I thought it would be funny to switch out her characters names(at least I think they are characters names) for things like "turd breath" I have been sitting here all day and she still hasn't noticed.
Despite this disappointment today has been pretty great. Why? Simple I got to spend time with a really good friend and her family, AND I got a new video game.
Oh simple pleasures. The fact that I have a new possession is probably not a healthy reason for the day to be great but I think, that the fact that I got to hang with my friend canceled out all that out.
I also wore one of my mustaches, and learned how to make steak.

I am using the word learn loosely because I am not sure if it was cooked properly. I am consoling myself with the thought that if food poisoning doesn't set in the next twelve hours I am safe and successful. (I am not even sure if twelve hours is enough time for food poisoning to set in, but it helps me sleep at night)
Update-I finally told my sister that I had renamed her characters. I can't tell if she was listening cause they are still there and it is the 5th of December. I also didn't die from food poisoning I made my sister a steak the next day and she said it was perfect.